Why do I need it?

Connecting standards

If you already use SharePoint® online and SAP® it makes absolutely sense to connect both technologies. With our connector you do not need any hardware and you have not to take care on maintenance and updates.
Save costs for hardware -- Save costs for setup -- Save costs for maintenance & updates -- includes Connector License -- no risks

Easy to run

Customizable & Flexible

The setup and customizing is quite easy, so that you are ready to run the connector in less than a day. We provide all you need so that you are able to make your first tests in OAC0 transaction. Afterwards you can start to customize the metadata, structures, SharePoint® Content Types and further settings.

Additional support

Configuration and General support

If you are unsure and if you do not want to manage the customizing in your own responsibility, we also offer consulting services to get the connector run. We can make workshops and/or online sessions or visit you on site to customize and manage your project. We can also customize examples so that you can adapt the settings based on your needs.

onPremise vs. online

Connector compatibility

We also offer a onPremise Connector version which is compatible with SAP & SharePoint onPremise. If you would like to know more about this version please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and version compatibility.

Features of the connector

Below you will find a list with some of the unique features which we support out of the box with some customizing.

Folders & Structures

Create n-Level of folders based on the meta data out of SAP®. This can be used to structure your library. You can also save files on root-level of your library if you do not want to use the folder storage strategy.

Document Library

Use SharePoint® Document Libraries out of the box. You can create your own columns and you can use own views to display the library. No further changes on SharePoint® are required. Multiple Document Libraries are supported.

Document Sets & Content Types

The connector supports Document Sets within your SharePoint® Library. Content Types are also supported and can be used in combination with the folder storage strategy.

Metadata Customizing

The metadata can be customized within SAP® using a graphical interface to drag & drop the customizing relations. No developments are required to define the meta data which will be send to SharePoint®. You can update the meta data in realtime, you can schedule a job in SAP® or you can manage the update in own responsibility.

S/4 HANA and backward compatibility

The connector is compatible with most SAP® and SharePoint® releases, including SAP® Business Objects and FIORI. We can support you with your data migration, so that you can keep all existing processes (Scanning, Workflows).

Viewing & Security

View your documents within the SAP® Window or within SharePoint® online. We also support custom URLs for viewing your documents. You can split your sites to manage confidential documents and public documents. SAP® * document class is also supported as well as defined document classes like PDF or TIF and others.


ArchiveLink® A1

Standard Plan

Standard features


ArchiveLink® Connector for SharePoint® online without metadata support (2 SAP systems)

  • 1 SharePoint® Document Library
  • 1 SAP® Content repository
  • 1 SharePoint® site
  • Supports defined document classes in SAP®
  • Store documents at top level in Library
  • Customizing document for SharePoint® and SAP®
  • S/4 Support and FIORI compatible
  • No further volume or user limits
  • E-Mail Standard support

ArchiveLink® A2

Extended Plan



ArchiveLink® Connector for SharePoint® online including Metadata support (3 SAP systems)

  • 2 SharePoint® Document Libraries
  • 2 SAP® Content Repositories
  • 1 SharePoint® site
  • Support for generic document classes
  • Store documents in 1-level folder structures
  • Update metadata columns in SharePoint® with SAP® information
  • S/4 Support and FIORI compatible
  • Customer specific extensions for metadata
  • ECL Viewer support
  • No further volume or user limits
  • E-Mail Standard support

ArchiveLink® A3

Ultimate Plan



ArchiveLink® Connector for SharePoint® online unlimited, incl. Metadata (5 SAP systems)

  • unlimited SharePoint® Document Libraries
  • unlimited SAP® Content Repositories
  • 1 SharePoint® site
  • Support for generic document classes
  • Store documents in n-level folder structures
  • Store documents with SharePoint® Content Type
  • Store documents as Document Set in the library
  • Update metadata columns in SharePoint® with SAP® information
  • S/4 Support, PLM and FIORI compatible
  • Customer specific extensions for metadata
  • ECL Viewer support
  • User Permissions on document level (for portal solutions)
  • onPremise Connector Version available
  • Customer URL for viewing documents
  • No further volume or user limits
  • Premium support (E-Mail and Phone)

List Connector L4

Standard Plan

Standard features 


  • Publish SAP® content to 1 SharePoint® online lists
  • Drag & Drop Customizing in SAP®
  • Customer specific extensions for data and format
  • No further volume or user limits
  • E-Mail Standard support

List Connector L5

Standard Plan

Standard features 


  • Publish SAP® content to n SharePoint® online lists
  • Drag & Drop Customizing in SAP®
  • Customer specific extensions for data and format
  • No further volume or user limits
  • E-Mail Standard support

We love what we do since 1994

CaRD has been founded 1994 and is located in Europe and in the US. We are developing SAP® solutions and integrate processes to other systems like SharePoint®. We are a team with around 100 people which is working on new developments, products, customer projects and support for customers around the globe. One of our first integration projects was for SAP® and SharePoint® 2007, so that we are one of the first companies which developed a ArchiveLink® connector for SharePoint®.

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Can I upgrade my existing plan?

The upgrade of your existing plan is possible at any time. The new plan will take effect with the beginning of the month when the plan has been upgraded. If you are unsure regarding your requirements please contact us.

Is there a discount available when my company pays on a yearly basis?

All the plans are billed on a 6 month basis. If you want to cancel your plan without upgrading you need to cancel it 6 month before year end. We offer a discount of 2% if you plan to pay on a 2 year basis. If you need more than a single plan, we offer a additional 3% discount.

Is maintenance included in every plan?

The maintenance is included in all plans for SharePoint® online and for SAP®. Usually we also implement new features based on customer requests dependent on the plan.

How secure is your connector?

We do not save any of your data. We use Standard Microsoft Authentification and Security methods to connect to SharePoint®. We also support TLS 1.2 and we are using SAP® SSL certificates to communicate to SAP®. In addition we limit the access to your organization. To display the documents we support for the Ultimate plan also SharePoint® login credentials. If you would like to connect using IPSec please contact us for additional information.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

We also offer custom solution build and development services for SAP® and for SharePoint®. We are familiar with all SAP® and Microsoft Technologies. We work for the biggest companies of the world and we use the latest technologies and tools based on our recommendation which is based on your requirements and needs.

Request Our Services

We to work
for our customers

Working on best solutions and product features is our passion. If you need help, support or if you have a feature request just contact us. Our teams will contact you to discuss the details.

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